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Consulatation and Technical advisement for :

Motion Pictures, Television, and News Shows

Michael Hearns is available for :
* News Content and Commentary
* Film Consultation and Collaboration
* Television Consultation and Collaboration
* Training Videos 

No matter where you are in the process of making your film or television show Michael Hearns can guide you in your decision making and strategy for your project. Michael Hearns spent a decade undercover within notorious drug cartels and is a subject matter expert in drug money laundering, terrorism financing, and drug trafficking. He can share his advice and experience to help you overcome the obstacles and challenges you are sure to encounter including: 

* Plot line Enhancement
* Script Relevance
* Character Authenticity
* Drug Culture and Money Laundering Nomenclature
* Historical Accuracy

Michael Hearns is formerly the lead penetrator on a Miami SWAT team and a certified officer survival instructor He also is a graduate of Advanced Homicide School and has a M.A in Investigative Criminal Psychology (Criminal Profiling) He can also lend expertise in:
* Tactical and Technical advisement
* Dynamic shooting/weapon environments
* Risk Control and Risk Management
* Production Safety Services
* Serial Offender Plot lines
* Serial Offender Character Development
* Criminal Profiling

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