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About Michael Hearns :

What can Michael Hearns and do for you?

The clandestine world of money laundering was penetrated in the late 1980s by an aggressive and covert handful of law enforcement officers. One of those officers was Michael Hearns.

For 10 years Hearns lived in a world awash in an endless stream of cocaine, and duffel bags crammed with illicit dollars. At times the task seemed insurmountable as the cash was entrusted to him to be rinsed into clean ledgers, bank accounts, precious metal commodities, and untraceable trails of greenbacks. Now retired from the undercover money laundering business, Hearns is now sharing his hard earned knowledge and vast experience with other law enforcement agencies and the financial world.

Michael Hearns' lectures and class materials are tailored for each institution and agency to specifically address

and inform for the needs of each individual organization.

After attending a seminar by Michael Hearns your personnel will be able to understand the enigmatic nature

of illicit funding, terrorist financing, secretive banking practices, and every  total aspect of money laundering.

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