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Training and Consultation for :

LAW ENFORCEMENT and Michael Hearns are positioned to bring ingrained superior training to law enforcement about all matters concerning money laundering and terrorism financing.  This course is complete and thorough as well as accurate and applicable training  that is necessary for any law enforcement agency tasked with fighting drug trafficking and money laundering.

Michael Hearns has 27 years experience in  law enforcement and brings authentic true dimensions to this exclusive training course


The topics will include but are not limited to:

  • Drug Trafficking                          

  • Drug Money

  • Terrorist Financing                  

  • Terrorism

  • Human Trafficking            

  • Hawala Banking          

  • Counterfeit Goods                       

  • Non Monetary Instruments      

  • Informant Handling

  • Survival Tactics                                

  • Undercover Methods   

  • Case Studies

  • Courtroom Techniques  

  • Smuggling Routes

  • Asset Seizures 

  • Structuring  

  • Creating an Undercover Drug and AML Unit

  • All aspects of the money laundering world.

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