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Is it White or is It Green?

"Is it White or is it Green?"

A constant question on a secured police radio channel that would besiege me and my team each time we effected a search warrant or a consent search on a premise. White meant cocaine and that meant arrests, seizing tangible properties, co conspirators, arrest reports, marked units summoned to transport, K-9 run throughs for verification, additional warrants to be written, more people called to the scene to secure and investigate spin off locations, attorneys, lab runs, property room visits, interviews, and the list goes on and on.

Green meant it was drug money. For many it was a quick "bag em and tag em." For me the case agent it would still be a mountain of paper work and interviews. Either way I was always in for a long haul. Many in law enforcement don't know the stringent protocols and necessary steps necessary to successfully seize currency, maintain judicial confidence, community trust, and operate an anti money laundering law enforcement undercover operation. is the absolute best training mechanism for this training! Contact us today and let us get you started.

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